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puppy program

Introducing our esteemed Puppy Program, exclusively designed for puppies ages 8-16 weeks old. This meticulously crafted program offers you a comprehensive foundation for owning and harmoniously living with your new furry companion. Prepare for an educational journey where you will acquire knowledge and skills to ensure a successful and fulfilling future with your puppy.

Within this program, you will gain expertise in essential areas such as potty training, crate training, and addressing play biting. These fundamental aspects of puppy care will be thoroughly covered, empowering you to create a nurturing environment that promotes proper behavior and well-being.

Moreover, the core foundations of obedience will be instilled, with a focus on teaching commands like sit, down, and recall. By mastering these fundamental obedience skills, you will establish solid groundwork for further training endeavors and effective communication with your puppy.

As a seasoned professional, I will guide you through each step of the process, equipping you with the knowledge, techniques, and strategies to ensure a seamless and successful puppy-raising journey. From understanding your puppy's developmental needs to fostering a strong and positive bond, I will provide invaluable insights and hands-on instruction.

This program comprises a carefully structured series of three in-home sessions, with a one-week interval between each lesson. This thoughtfully designed approach ensures optimal absorption of knowledge and allows for gradual progression in your puppy's training journey.

Join My Puppy Program today and make the puppy life A LOT easier today!


puppy program

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